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Cuivre ~ Velociraptor ~ Pin's (épinglette/Broche ~ AC188

Cuivre ~ Velociraptor ~ Pin's (épinglette/Broche ~ AC188
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Cuivre ~ Velociraptor ~ Pin's (épinglette/Broche ~ AC188
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When religions come together

In particular, we need to highlight where religions show respect for other communities and traditions, and have repudiated the extremist mindset. A notable example was last year’s Mme sac littéraire/sac à bandoulière portable/Sac multifonctions Vent CollègeC B
, rallying support throughout the Muslim world for the historical Charter of Medina, as a commitment to the values of citizenship and the civil rights of other religious communities.

Another example of inter-religious collaboration is the Jack wolfskin sac en bandoulière belmore Marron moka
(KAICIID) established by Saudi Arabia, Spain and Austria, supported by the Holy See, on whose board of directors I am privileged to serve.

KAICIID has brought together major Muslim leaders from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Arab world, with heads of minority communities in those countries – Christian, Kurd, Yazidi, Druze – under the rubric “combating violence in the name of religion” . It has developed networks of collaboration throughout the region, training religious leaders in dialogue and social media skills.

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